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The Esper Figueras Memorial Golf Outing is our way of remembering the life of our dear Esper. Esper Figueras was born in the Philippines but lived in Springfield over half her life. She loved her adopted home town and was an avid member of Little Flower Parish and belonged to several golf leagues all over the city. She was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, friend and golf buddy. Although she is greatly missed by many, her warmth and spirit will continue to live on. We remember her passion for golf, her dedication to family and the kindness she exhibited to those in need. Our annual golf outing celebrates all of these things.




St. John's Breadline was one of Esper's favorite charities. She volunteered there and was known as the "donut lady". As a volunteer, Esper realized how much the patrons enjoyed freshly made donuts, so once a month in honor of a family member's birthday she would bring 12 dozen freshly made donuts to the breadline. Our outing brings together Esper's family and golfing friends. We enjoy food, fun and prizes on this day and raise money for the St. John's breadline. Over the past several years we have raised over $37,000 for the hungry men and women of Springfield. We thank all of you who have participated in the outing and raffles and who have donated to St. John's Breadline through our organization.



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